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Arrange Furniture

Tips on How To Arrange Home Furniture

Consider function

Plant the layout of the room before initiating in moving of furniture. Tend to analyze the design of the room and what role should the room perform, how many people will be inside and plant furniture accordingly. For example, if a room is to serve as a social hub of interaction, it should chairs and relevant furniture not placed more than 8 feet, to facilitate easy conversation.

Focus your room

Analyze the focal point of a room, such as a fireplace or T.V and accordingly place furniture to form relevance and contributing décor. If you set your T.V as the focal point, distance the sofa away from the T.V, a minimum of three times its size.

Prioritize large pieces

If you place substantial pieces of furniture in the room such as bedrooms and sofa sets, tend to put and work smaller pieces around it. When placing a bed in the room with the intention of a bedroom, tend to place in the middle of the room, providing a minimum of 24 inches on each side and 36inches from the opening door of the room for comfortable and unobstructed swinging.

Think about layout


Bear in mind that rooms possessing a symmetrical arrangement portray a more distinguished outlook whereas asymmetrical layout of furniture portrays a more casual atmosphere. When dealing with dining rooms, it is recommended to maintain a minimum distance of 48 inches from each end of the table; moreover, it facilitates ease in traffic flow.

Keep traffic moving

For facilitating ease in foot traffic, avoid placing significant pieces of furniture in rooms where two entrances exist. Moreover, do not put any furniture in the pathway of such openings and tend to work around such paths.

Maintain comfort

When dealing with living rooms remember to maintain an optimum level of comfort by placing coffee tables a minimum distance of 16 inches from the sofa, to ensure ideal reach and prevent knees touching the table.

Float furniture

By this, it is meant to place furniture 3-4 inches away from the wall merely. Establishing gaps between furniture and wall portrays an illusion that the wall is farther away than it actually is.

Add stripes

It is a fact that placing furniture, rugs or tables designed with equal width stripes of bright contrast colors depict an expanding illusion. For maximum results, align the stripes lengthwise of the room.

Reflect the room


Strategically placing mirrors in the house can reflect light, image, and color to make the room appear more prominent. For optimum results, place the mirror lengthways of the room.

Go see-through

Planting see-through furniture such as transparent tables accompanied by Lucite chairs can magnify the light entering the room and portray a larger space.

Hang low

Merely placing paintings and other hanging pieces of artwork at lower heights can depict a taller ceiling in the room.

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